Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well i am an average girl who does not have one of those cool parents that work in fashion but I KNOW I will make it big some day.I have read TONS of magizines and I try to make a statement of fashion that you can be cute and make a statement without spending a fourtune (but sometimes you need to splurge yourself).You may see me on the street and not think that I have a fashion blog and that fashion is a staple in my life but it .......IS.Fashion is hard to pull of every day I mean even lady gaga repeats an outfit 1 or 2 or does not look the best(outfit clothing wise).By the way lady gaga is a very famous pop star with her music and crazy uqiue fashion looks.Sometimes but most of the time actually ALL the time my fashion is BAD at school becuase we have UNIFORMS!!!! It is a downer so I try my best to embrace fashion on the weekend as much as i can for the sake of poor fashion at school.If you like this story leave a comment and if you feel the same comment  and check on fashionista geek as much as you can because updates come daily and pease understand fashion is an art embrace yourself dont be afraid of standing up in the crowd!!
LOVE fashion geek blogger gal
     mary grace
ps.extra blah blah i will review one of lady gagas outfits soon :)

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