Monday, July 25, 2011

hello again

I am sooo sorry its been so long but life's busy!Which is good but is bad for people who read fashionista.But soon i will have a you-tube page up. Actually i have one now but i stop using it and the videos stink so i will have 2 new ones up not sure of the names one might be fashionistageek2.0 not sure soo yea!The other one is for me and my friends and I HAVE NO clue what its going to be but I'm hope that during the year at school i will get help with friends.since I am talking about news i thought i should talk some about me! I am teen/tween with fashion power sorta...! During back to school i will post REAL PHOTOS of my outfits!!!!!!!!!YEEEEHHH
  GET EXCITED for the new school year of fashion:) love ya                                                                                                  sincerely your truly, fashionistageek!


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