Thursday, September 8, 2011

whats a new style is worth trying

Well i feel like fashion things are sooo hard to decide so get a litttle bit of everything dont be afraid to try new things!I am starting to try out a little bit more of a heavy eyeliner and pink lip shine/stick.I cant afford the real makeup right now or dont want to spend the money so i just get the cheap kind and use it.It's actually pretty good unless you get it i your eye (GUILTY:0 ).sometime I feel so LAZY and so i dont really want to look super cute or just dress up.So I just put a cut top on and some jeams and pumped up kicks (laugh out loud ).If  you do not know that song serch its called pumped up kicks talk about goood beats.You might be able to see it on the amazon app. Hot topic is actually got some halfway cute items depends though it may look scary from the outside but its not that bad i had a shocker today while i was around people can be rude evn if they are your friends they will call you emo or whatever it may be worth trying?

            lots o love,

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